PostHeaderIcon Fixing Mommy’s Computer is a Mickey Mouse Operation

“MEESKA MOOSKA MICKEY MOUSE!” chants Mickey Mouse.

Yesterday we received all the parts to upgrades Charmaine’s computer. Of course Lilah had decided that she needed to help fix “mommys puter”. As I had the computer on the table taking out the old pieces and putting in the new ones, out of the blue Lilah says “Oh Toodles!”.

Her favorite cartoon right now is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so that’s where Toodles comes from. She looked around the room, then points to a spot and says, “There he is!, I need a ribbon to fix mommy’s puter.” She then tuns and acts like she is tying a ribbon onto the case. A few minutes later she does the same thing, but this time she needed some scissors so she could cut the ribbon she had just put on there.

So to sum it up, the people that were helping fix Charmaine’s computer were me, Lilah, and Toodles.

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