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So this post is 100% not digi-related, but I thought I’d share this funny story with you anyways. I’ve been making a huge effort in recent months to make myself, and therefore my young family, eat a healthier diet. Specifically, eating less processed food and more whole, fresh foods that we cook and eat at home. We are far from perfect, but I try to read labels a LOT more and buy much more fruits and veggies. So today was shopping day. It was a long one, we even needed to go to two grocery stores to get everything we needed. The kids were VERY well behaved (ok, except for the part where Q kept trying to smash his head into my face every time he got excited while riding in the Baby Bjorn….but I digress). After we got home with the groceries, I dumped them out with my husband and took off with Lilah for some girl time at the nail salon. So after a very busy afternoon and evening and finally getting all the kids in bed, I had time to put the rest of the groceries away. I got to to the bottom of the bags of dried beans, raisins, oats, brown rice, etc…you know, all the healthy food we bought. And the last item I pull out of my (reusuable, of course) shopping bag? A box of instant Ichiban noodles!!!! I had to laugh out loud, it is the very antithesis of every food I purchased today! It must have fallen over the divider on the supermarket belt when we checked out from the next person. I didn’t even mind that I probably ended up paying for a box of useless instant noodles because it was so ironic and funny to have that in my bag after an afternoon of planning, shopping, preparing and putting away a week’s worth of healthy food!

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