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PostHeaderIcon My son is a Rockstar!

I’ve been downloading the Daily Download from ScrapMatters and I love this kit. ScrapMatters designers always give away beautiful, quality kits but this one is just plain cool! I’ve had some pictures of the kids for awhile playing with the drums and guitar from Stephen’s “Rockband” set and I didn’t have anything to scrap them with. Well, behold,¬† ROCKSTAR!

Image is linked, go leave me some love! You can get some of the rest of this kit HERE. If you missed out on the first half, don’t be sad, it will be for sale soon in the store!

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PostHeaderIcon Boo boo fixer

Casey is a very busy rough and tumble little boy. He likes his boo-boos kissed though, like any good mama’s boy should :) Yesterday he was in his high chair messing around instead of eating dinner and when he bent around over the side, he got his arm stuck between the chair and the tray. I reached over to pull his arm out and said something cross like, “well you shouldn’t have been messing around!”. So, knowing that he would get no sympathy from me, he whined for a moment, then lifted up his arm, and planted a big sweet “KISS” right on the owwie spot of his arm! Good thing he can kiss his own boo-boos now, he’s so darn busy that he gets a LOT of them these days!

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PostHeaderIcon Casey is learning to pretend!

We just noticed this week that Casey is learning to play pretend already just like his sister! He was sitting in his sister’s kitchen (as usual) and had a toy plate and spoon in his hands. When we looked over, he was first blowing on his food and then pretending to take a bite!! He is 14 months old and already knows this?!? He amazes me everyday the things he is starting to learn.

He can give kisses and hugs now and can even say Lilah. Of course, it sort of sounds like, “YAH YAAAAH”, but I know that is what he is saying!

He is definitely a loud child however. Just today, I was saying, “Wow, that screech that he makes sounds just like a baby pterodactyl!”

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PostHeaderIcon A lazy day of scrapping!

In between taking care of the spawn, I mean children, I was able to scrap four pages today! Not bad considering I also went out to the store, took a nap and Stephen had an exam in the evening! Anyways, nothing freebie for you today, just wanted to share my favorite for the day:

And for the record, he started it, I just helped :)

Kit is by Lliella, called Moonica. To date it is the only kit I have actually paid for, that is how much I adore this kit! Her designs are so cute. I’d use this kit again and again, but alas I do not live on a farm, it would probably¬†be odd :)

Happy scrapping!

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PostHeaderIcon Beautician in training…

Today was my first day off after four long days in a row. I have to admit I was “bad wife/bad mommy” today…I let the kids wreck the house and watch TV all day so I could fool around on the computer. I finally managed to get us all dressed around 11am and grabbed a comb, brush and spray bottle to do Lilah’s hair in braids. They wanted to play with them after I was done, so I just left them there and went back to my cyber-hermiting. A little bit later, one of them made some sort of noise so I went to check on them….and this is what I found:

You guessed it…Casey, soaking wet. I asked Lilah, did you spray Casey? Her simple reply was, “Yes!”, as if that was such a silly question mommy! So that “silly question”, inspired my scrapbook layout of the day:

Kit by Jennifer Apodaca, Family Time

Thanks for dropping by!

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